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Sign Up to Sarah Peaston’s Effective Regulatory Change Management Course [3 Nov]



The ever evolving regulatory landscape places a firm’s Regulatory Change Management approach in the critical path to achieving ongoing regulatory compliance.

Recent penalties levied for failings in meeting regulatory obligations, have referenced Principle 3 of the FCA Handbook, which requires regulated firms to take reasonable care to organise and control its affairs responsibly and effectively, with adequate risk management systems and features; highlighting the expectations placed upon regulated firms to ensure robust and effective Regulatory Change Management is continually exercised.

The approach required to ensure comprehensive Regulatory Change Management combines project skills, risk management and subject matter awareness on an ongoing basis. This session aims to assist firms in understanding how to take a robust and comprehensive approach to Regulatory Change Management, contributing towards reducing exposure to regulatory risk.


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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding why regulatory change management is on the critical path
  • Discerning between business as usual change management and regulatory change management
  • Applying change management good practice
  • Conveying regulatory change management risk to stakeholders
  • Assessing when the change management approach has not been effective