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GD Financial Markets is now GDFM

We are excited to announce that GD Financial Markets is now GDFM. 

This rebranding signposts the continuation of a process that started when GDFM separated from The Ince Group in 2020, marking a new and exciting chapter in GDFM’s story.  Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our people and the trust placed in us by our clients, GDFM now has more than 50 employees and is well-positioned to grow much further both this year and beyond.

We have been busy extending our value proposition beyond the Financial Services sector and into the Regulated sector more broadly, and as such the GD Financial Markets brand no longer reflected the breadth of our service offering and the clients with whom we collaborate.  Outside of the Financial Services sector, we serve both the Legal and Real Estate sectors and have also recently launched our cross-sector Cloud Consulting practice

As we move into serving more sectors and offering more services, our group will simply be called GDFM, with GDFM Cloud Consulting and GDFM Consulting brands being used where appropriate.

The GDFM parent brand will be joined by two new identities and sub-brands aimed at creating deeper connections with the markets we service: GDFM Consulting and GDFM Cloud Consulting.

The repositioning of the GDFM brand does not alter our original mission of building a boutique management consultancy that specialises in Risk Advisory and Regulatory Compliance, providing services to our clients in a manner that is truly collaborative.

Our Advisory Board, chaired by Naz Badat, brings a wealth of experience which not only helps to shape our vision but challenges the way in which we will achieve it.  Fundamental to achieving our vision is the GDFM Academy, which plays a key role in developing our people through a process of continuous learning and knowledge management.

For more information, please visit our website at its new address:

GDFM is a boutique management consultancy based in London, Cardiff and – most recently – Leeds. GDFM is proud to be a diverse and inclusive employer, and remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting Mental Health at Work