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GDFM Academy

Nurturing Professional Excellence


The GDFM Academy is an industry-leading training programme and career development resource focused on developing domain knowledge, project delivery methodologies and professional skills.

Our programmes are carefully crafted to provide the pragmatic skills to support professional excellence and set people up for professional success. The learnings are supported exams and simulations and subject-specific certificates are awarded to successful students.

We encourage a culture of self-led continuous learning, so the certificate is just the beginning of a professional excellence journey.

Our dedicated GDFM Academy website is continuously updated with new material to keep up with the pace of real-world developments.

We work with our clients to tailor trainings suited to their needs.

Who is the Academy for?

The GDFM Training Academy is central to the ongoing career development of all our people.  

All our graduate hires, new entrances, and experienced hires are trained through our academy to set them up for success on projects and client sites. 

All of our people have the opportunity to design their development pathways to align with their respective career aspirations.

We will also offer the GDFM Training Academy to our clients who have an interest in learning more in any of the domains where training is provided.


The GDFM Academy was founded in 2017 and comprised of classroom-based training.

In 2020, we successfully migrated all our training material onto a dedicated digital platform exploring teaching through a variety of exciting media.


The GDFM business model is to hire talents with the best potential, train them and place them on the project best suited to their unique skillsets.

Success Rate

GDFM has never experienced a failed training delivery.

Our trained analysts have been proven to either match or outperform existing client Staff’s performance. Our ongoing support to our GDFM Academy alumni network support ongoing learning excellence.

Client Offer

Our training programmes are highly adaptable, and we work with our clients to tailor our material to their specific needs. 

We also provide ongoing process-level and systems training (either on client systems or those within our network).

Our training model is designed to support flexible learning to minimise disruption to businesses. Our classes are delivered through a blend of live sessions, recorded live sessions, bitesize videos, podcasts, readings, and other external resources. This approach supports effective, engaging teaching to all students regardless of learning style.

Example Training Scope

Please find below an example training scope used ahead of a typical Financial Crime Remediation Project.

  • Familiarise staff with AML and KYC knowledge
  • Red Flags
  • High risk industries
  • 4MLR and POCA
  • Different levels of CDD and applicability
  • Identification & Verification
  • Screening and Adverse Media
  • PEPs
  • Source of Funds
  • Corporate Structure
  • Legal Entity Type
  • Geographic Risk
  • Transaction Risk
  • Products and Services Risk
  • Industry Risk
  • Structure Risk (Trusts, Funds and Nominee Shareholders)
  • Distribution Channel
  • Third Party Risk (Agents)
  • Dual use goods
  • Risk scoring (High Risk Elements)
  • Plausibility and evidence for mitigating high risk elements of the customer.
  • Key areas of KYC checked to ensure compliance with client guidance and 4MLR.
  • Face to face feedback provided to case reviewer on each key area including Pass, Pass with minor amendments or Fail.
  • On-going training for any development areas recognized through review.

Our training programme can be fully calibrated to the client requirements.

Rya Saunders

GDFM Academy Manager

” The GDFM Academy is the cornerstone of GDFM’s delivery model where each project and service is delivered with care.  Our ability to provide qualified and trained resources at a short notice is unique. I’m proud to be leading an Academy that can deliver complex materials effectively on-site or remotely. Excellent talent is the bedrock of our business and I am passionate about ensuring that each student going through our academy has the best learning experience possible.”
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