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Cyber Training

Cyber Training

Cyber Training

GDFM’s cyber training focuses on the threat landscape and the historic and current threat vectors, effectively understanding what the threat is and how it is likely to manifest itself. GDFM’s philosophy is that, to defend against threats you need to understand them. Through continual threat monitoring GDFM can deliver contemporary training to mitigate threats.

The training offered includes:

Cyber threat landscape
Adversaries & motivations

Malware attack vectors
Data Breach; Ransomware; Distributed Denial of Service; Remote Access Trojans; Key Loggers; Business Email Compromise

Human error
Social engineering attacks; Emails – Phishing / Vishing

Insider Threats

On-line safety / Cyber Hygiene
Network security – Wifi; VPN; TOR / Third party supply chain compromise

Specific Board Level Considerations
Investment commensurate with risk; Business interruption / continuity

Information Commissioner’s Office
General Data Protection Regulations / Data Protection Act / Compliance and Fines

Training can be tailored to suit the organisational requirement.