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Data Subject Access Requests

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Data Subject Access Requests

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018) legislate for individuals to make a request of an organisation for access to personal data. There are many reasons why such a request could be made including, and as industry reporting predicts, understanding the rationale for being made redundant following the conclusion of the ‘Furlough’ process.

Organisations generally have one month to address the data request or face regulatory intervention from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

DSAR requests can create a considerable burden on an organisation, to search through all the data that it holds, to identify the relevant material pertaining to the requesting individual. This can mean the redeployment of staff to address the issue impacting on business-as-usual productivity.

Utilising the same process as our E-Discovery solution, GDFM can assume responsibility for this task, quickly gathering all organisational material. The process of hosting, de-duplication, analysing and reviewing will return the relevant information in a timely manner, enabling an accurate response to any data subject access request adhering to the regulatory requirements.

Our charging structure for E-Discovery and DSAR work is limited to data hosting and our review teams activity. We make no charge for user licenses, data analytics, machine learning / artificial intelligence. This provides us with a highly professional and highly competitive solution.