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E-Discovery or Electronic Disclosure is an essential tool in the management of large datasets in civil proceedings. Whether it is civil litigation in its many guises, insolvency or any other matter regarding the interrogation of large datasets, GDFM can deliver the solution.

Data Acquisition
Data Hosting
Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Document Review

The managed service includes data acquisition (quite often remotely), hosting, de-duplication, data analytics, machine learning and document review. We can provide multiple review licenses enabling flexibility and a hands-on approach by the clients legal team, whilst prioritising the workflow to arrive at the most relevant documents faster.

We can assess the likely nature of the task normally within 24 hours of access to the data, providing the client with tangible statistics of the types and volume of the different material. 

Our charging structure for E-Discovery and DSAR work is limited to data hosting and our review teams activity. We make no charge for user licenses, data analytics, machine learning / artificial intelligence. This provides us with a highly professional and highly competitive solution.