Arachnys Partnership

GDFM Partner With Arachnys to Accelerate KYC Remediation

Strategic partnership to bring a tactical blend of people and technology to accelerate managed services and KYC remediation for financial institutions and other high risk industries, with rapid deployment and minimal disruption.

Arachnys, the market-leading platform that accelerates onboarding for financial institutions with intelligent KYC and AML data, announce a strategic partnership with GD Financial Markets (GDFM).

This new partnership takes a pragmatic approach to delivering business consulting, managed service and remediation solutions to financial services and real estate and other high-risk industries suffering from operational bottlenecks and KYC and AML backlogs. Arachnys will be the data and technology partner to power GDFM’s pool of experienced paralegals and compliance analysts, allowing financial institutions to achieve compliance at an acceptable cost without sacrificing quality and control.

We partner with Arachnys to offer bespoke solutions for our clients:

  • End to end Customer Due Diligence
  • Screening only
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Training

Arachnys and GDFM offer a ‘frictionless KYC & AML’ approach which is made up of unparalleled KYC & AML global data sources, a high level of automation, and straight-through processing (STP), ultimately reducing many of the friction points associated with traditional KYC processes.

We work with our client to understand their unique needs and help them focus on their core business.

Whilst both parties are free to work with other providers (to allow for the inevitable flexibility required by some clients), Arachnys and GDFM are committed to delivering programmes of continuous improvement as well as high standards of quality assurance and control. This includes leveraging Arachnys’ ability to supply accurate and transparent files with a full audit history.