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What We Do

GDFM Cloud Consulting provides an end-to-end delivery of projects utilising technologies in the Salesforce ecosystem. Underpinning this, we have a wide range of resources that can be used within peripheral ad-hoc consulting services and client BAU support.

Given GDFM’s established pedigree in the Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and Financial Crime domains, we are uniquely positioned to help firms caught by the AML regulations better manage their data across CRM and KYC platforms.

Our Approach

At GDFM Cloud Consulting, delivering customer success is more than just understanding and building the solution.

We recognise that each customer is unique and will play their part in delivering projects differently. That’s why we don’t present you with a one-size-fits-all approach to methodology, engagement, planning and delivery.

Our adaptive approach includes a thorough assessment of client skill, knowledge, experience and resources before we propose an implementation method.

And then where necessary we can coach, nurture, and guide customers through their implementation.

This is particularly important in the small and medium-sized business and non-profit sectors where clients may be unfamiliar with running such projects.

Core Services

Projects of all sizes and across the Salesforce product suite, from conception to transition into BAU.
System Audits
Technical, Business, and Adoption analysis and recommendations.
Health Checks
Check that Salesforce is delivering what you want, and your organisation is following best practice.
Strategic Roadmap
Where you are now and where you want to be, with realistic plans and timelines.
Training & User Adoption
Making sure that your people know how you use Salesforce and have the knowledge and practice to use it well.
Bespoke toolkits to help your company run and maintain Salesforce itself.
Support Services
Everything from small system changes, technical governance, or staff augmentation.
Project Recovery
When projects don’t follow the happy path, let us step in and take a look.

In partnership with GDFM Academy

Why GDFM Academy?

Our close relationship with GDFM Academy enables us to source and train highly intelligent and technically minded business, finance, and technology graduates. Our workforce consist of high-grade business analysts, who graduate into consultants within 2 years of project work and continuous training. This is a proven and successful model for our parent company GD Financial Markets – and we have implemented it for GDFM Cloud Consultancy, too.

  • An industry-leading training programme and career development resource, focused on developing domain knowledge, project delivery methodologies and professional skills.
  • Programmes are carefully crafted to provide the pragmatic skills to support professional excellence and set people up for professional success.
  • Learnings are supported by exams and simulations and subject-specific certificates are awarded to successful students.
  • Management encourages a culture of self-led continuous learning, so the certificate is just the beginning of a professional excellence journey.
  • Trainings are tailored to client needs, and to this end each Company will have its own bespoke set of trainings.
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